Repairing Side Panel Dents

Side Panel Dents,or Rear Quarter Panels which is their correct name, and the roof are unlike all the other panels on a car being part of the overall construction and not easily replaceable.

There often tends to be 3 main causes for dents in rear quarter panels.

The rear wheel arch gets damaged due to parking errors as it is often the widest area of the car .

The rear corner where the lights are. Again often by misjudging parking,most likely the near side or passenger side due to the visual blind spot in that area.

The middle of the panel is subject to small often sharp dents from the likes of shopping trolleys and prams.

Rear wheel arches on most cars are the most difficult area to repair due to being double skinned with almost no internal access. In most cases glue pulling is the only option for repair. The area of the panel towards the rear lights is quite often very good for access after removing either the internal trim or the tail lights.

Dents can, without fail, always be improved to some degree no matter how bad they look but the aim is always for a 100% fix . This is not always possible depending on the degree and location of the damage. The better the access and the more control the dent technician has to work to ultra fine detail, the higher the success rate.

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How To Get A Side Panel Dent Removal Quote

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