PDR in most cases requires access to the rear of the panel in order to shrink the metal back to it's original shape, depending on which panel is dented various methods are needed.

The cost of removing a dent can vary significantly depending which panel it's on, if it's on a bodyline, if it's in a double skinned sealed area. The same dent can vary dramatically in the level of dificulty and the time involed to remove it, it could take minuites or hours, Every dent on every car on every panel can be totally diferent from a dent the same shape and size in another area.


The under side of bonnets quite often have a sound proofing mat attached by plastic plugs and will need removing in order to work the underside. Though this may still not give access to the dent due to the strengthening braces often making it difficult but not impossible to remove the dent.


Roofs can be one of the most dificult to access (time / cost wise) due to the sealed edges or roof rails which give little or no access. Also the full length trim linning some of which are glued in. For the odd small dent glue pulling may be the only cost effective method of removal.

Tailgates / Boot Lids

Tailgates have an inner and outer skin coverd internally by plastic trim held on by clips and screws which in most cases are fairly quick and simple to remove giving generally good access.

Front Wings

This is in most cases the easiest panel to access to remove dents due to only having a simple plastic splash guard over the wheel which is easily removed enough to work most dents. In most cases the wheel is left on and is used as a leverage point for controled pushes to remove the dent which often due to body shape invoves re shaping squashed body lines.


Access is either very good or very difficult with doors, being made up of an inner and outer skin with intrusion beams and upper door braces's which can cause access problems. First choice access is by winding the window down, placing a window guard down between the glass and the door skin to protect the glass from scratches whilst at the same time giving leverage. If this method is not possible due to internal obstuctions the the trim will need to come off or the dent repair carried out by glue pulling.

Rear quarter panels ( rear wings )

Dents to rear wheel arches are in most cases removed by glue pulling them back into shape due to the area being in most cases double skinned and sealed up. Other areas of the panel need either the interior trim removing and re installing or often access can be gained by removing the tail lights.

PDR can often be used simply to reduce the damage on heavy paint damaged panels to reduce the amount of body filler and repair time. Making for a more cost effective repair which is better for the vehicle keeping it as original as possible. We work regularly with smart repair and bodyshop companies in this manner.

It is almost always a much cheaper alternative than an insurance claim.

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