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Q: How much does it cost to remove a small dent ?

A: That all depends on which panel it's on, what the access is like, if it's on a bodyline. A dent can take minutes or hours which means the the same small dent could be £50 - £80

Q : How long does a dent repair take ?

A : Depending on the dent itself and the location of it a small dent can take anything from 15 minutes to around 1 hour ( in most cases )

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Q: I only have a small dent and just need it " popping out " should be easy ?

A: If only ! All dents are stretched metal and need carefully shrinking back into shape, this is very skilled work. If you attempt to do the repair yourself at best you will make it look worse but you are almost certain to crack the paint meaning a trip to the bodyshop and a bill 3 times as much!

Q : Do we need to bring the car to you ?

A: No we are fully mobile with everything we need to do the repair at your home or work place.

Q: Can very large dents be removed ?

A: Yes you would be surprised what we can do if the paint is not damaged and with adequate access. We regularly repair what main stream body shops want to replace with a new panel and paint with quotes reaching £800 - £1200. By PDR the car remains original and can cost less than £300 although not all large damage is possible and the bodyshop is the only way.

Q: I have a "lease hire car" / "courtesy car" with some dent / scrape damage and a high premium excess can you help ?

A: Yes most definitely and we regularly do between myself doing PDR and my associate doing paint repairs ( Smart Repair ) we can cover all light damage.

Q: Do you do free quotes?

A: Yes, Send us a picture / video of the dent on your car by Whatsapp, Messenger or Email and we''ll let you know if we can fix it and approximately how much it will cost.

Or you can always just call or text Gary on 07967 816 396 for a dent repair quote.

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