Car Roof Dent Repair

Roof dents are the most difficult and can be the most expensive to repair mainly due to lack of access. Most roof panels will consist of very large flat open areas which if dented will result in the damaged area being very large.

The area connecting the flat area to the roof rails will have body lines or swage lines. These often contain the plastic strips covering roof rack fitting points as it's the strongest area.

Roof rails are the side edges of the roof, being both the main support areas for the roof as well as part of the main body shell structure. There roof rails tend to be hydro formed tube or box section, having little or no internal access.

The only method of repair in most cases, without involving the removal of the internal head lining, is by Glue Pulling. This can be most effective but has it's limitations.

If a roof dent requires the headlining removing the time and cost will escalate due to the sheer amount of preparation required before the dent can be accessed. Consider things like side trim being removed, interior lights removed, disabling curtain airbags to work around and the fact that many roof linings are glued into place. This added to the re fitting of the above can make the repair expensive .

The area of the roof,the type of dent, be it large but smooth ,small but sharp ,creased or squashed bodyline will determine if it can be repaired by PDR and if it would be cost effective over traditional body shop repair.

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How To Get A Roof Dent Removal Quote

Send us a picture of the dent on your car by Whatsapp, Messenger or Email and we''ll let you know if we can fix it and approximately how much it will cost.

Or you can always just call or text Gary on 07967 816 396 for a dent repair quote.

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